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Open Architecture

We scan the investible universe for best of breed products – These are first evaluated based on stand-alone merit. Second, they are screened based on client specific suitability. This provides access to a range of options to choose from while creating individual portfolios adding a deeper dimension to the expertise we bring forth for clients.

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Pragmatic and Informed Decisions

Our decision making is highly informed, backed by a thought process that has matured and proven itself over multiple market cycles. This helps negates the effect of short term cross winds that financial markets and in turn client portfolios witness from time to time.

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Holistic and Comprehensive Reviews

We use industry leading reporting and portfolio monitoring systems that provide the technology interface to your investment portfolio. The advisory team harnesses this wealth of information and prepares a holistic and comprehensive client review format.

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Adherence to Objectives

We maintain an objective-based approach to investing. This long term approach calls for an investment committee structure to scan macro changes that ultimately percolate into client specific curateations. Any interventions, including identifying deviations and course corrections are suggested on a periodic and pre-defined basis.