Centrum’s Family Office platform strives for not just return maximization, but also maximization of ease for our clients. We act as the Prime Advisor working towards centralising the focus and control over not only the family’s finances but also on any taxation, legal structuring and administration concerns that they may have. We engage with your existing bankers and investment managers from ‘your side of the table’ freeing up your time and bandwidth to focus on what truly matters to you.

Family Office Services:


  • We realise that, over time, assets grow in size as well as complexity with investments happening through multiple entities and across various advisors
  • Our Portfolio Consolidation services help you get the true picture of your overall wealth across various entities and advisors clearly - makes it easier to evaluate performance of various advisors against common benchmark
  • We firmly believe there is never a ‘one-size-fits-all’ strategy for investment and no particular investment strategy is best at all times. Our Investment Advisory Service is based on time-tested principles of Asset Allocation and Diversification and well-supported by a comprehensive basket of solutions across asset classes, befitting the client investment objectives and risk-return profiles
  • We maintain an open architecture approach to product selection ensuring the best breed of partners and products
  • Develop intergenerational Wealth transfer plans and Family governance structure
  • Solutions to ‘Protect, Preserve and Pass-on’ family wealth and legacy
  • We provide end to end solutions for Estate planning in form of wills and trusts to create watertight structures for transmission of assets to the beneficiaries with minimal leakages
  • Advice on various Structuring & Taxation issues relating to investments and other allied matters
  • Assistance through our in-house taxation experts and ecosystem of industry leading associates on various issues including business structuring, property and other matters
  • Solutions to enable family decision-making and implementation of policies concerning the management of family affairs, its businesses and related entities, in a manner that meets the mission and goals of the family
  • The mechanisms include formal structures, processes, rules and agreements, as well as informally shared family values, culture, beliefs and norms. The advisory covers the following areas:
    • Identifying the areas of improvement in family business
    • Setting the vision for the family towards the family’s relationship with the business and the businesses’ support of the family
    • Assisting in resolution of conflict within the family
    • Assisting in the process of transitioning the management and the ownership of the business to the next generation through family business succession
    • Assisting in transformation from being a personality driven organization to a process driven organization
  • Whole host of services from record management (document digitisation) and art insurance to corporate solutions (fund raising, M&A advisory etc)